IASO USA INC is the U.S. branch of IASO. Founded in 2001, IASO is a high-technology enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of skincare products. With 16 years of innovation, IASO has become a leading global brand in the skincare industry.

What is IASO (ee-ya-so)? IASO is the first daughter of Asclepius, god of medicine and healing in ancient Greek religion and mythology. In modern times, IASO is a prestige brand of Korean skincare products. Their common ground is comfort, healing, and rejuvenation.

IASO is an evolving product line honed by research and expertise of  renowned dermatologists & skin experts. “For the young and healthy skin you deserve” is IASO’s promise and inspiration.

The company is committed to promoting healthy skin and youthful beauty. The brand is sculpted to beautify and innovate.

IASO uses only premium ingredients and technologies to deliver youthful glow and timeless beauty to the skin. It continues to develop premium quality original product patents. It has earned top awards in the industry, most recently 1st Place in Skin Care at the 2016 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index.

IASO products are manufactured at our factories in South Korea under a strict quality control system that allows us to produce top-grade products for global distribution. We have the capability to produce hundreds of thousands of IASO products each month. Our North America distribution center and corporate office is in South Gate, California.

IASO delivers world-class skincare products that bring upon you a glow and shine… making your  everyday extraordinarily beautiful.